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Password resets

If you have forgotten your password you should use the automatic password reset facility on SSO or MIDportal.  


Policyholders, Fleet Managers and Motor Traders   

If you are a policyholder, fleet manager or motor trader who wishes to gain access to MIDportal or you are experiencing difficulties with the MIDportal, please contact your insurer's MIDportal Helpdesk. 



If you are a user at a participating Insurer/DA organisation and have issues with logging onto MIDportal, please contact your organisation’s MIDportal Security Designate. All users at participating Insurer/DA organisations are offered the support of Experian’s technical and customer services departments and should send an email to or call 0870 903 3043. Experian should be able to assist with issues relating to your account, the data provided, technical queries and access difficulties.